It’s Workout Time! Or Is It?


It’s 5:20 and the alarm clock is going off. Some mornings it’s smooth sailing and others, well, it’s a battle. This morning, the snooze button won!


It’s 5:30, the alarm clock goes off again. Fine. You win, alarm clock!

My typical day usually starts around 5:30. Do I have wake up that early? No. Do I like getting up that early? NO! I’m a night person, but I prefer working out in the morning. I prefer AM workouts for several reasons:

  • It’s usually cooler
  • There are fewer people, which means little to no waiting
  • When it’s time to start school/work my brain is ready to go
  • My evenings are free to work, bake, hang out with friends, etc

If I have to work out the evening, I prefer 9 or later. I don’t like between 5 and 7pm because everyone is just getting done with work/school and the gym is PACKED. I like being able to use the equipment when I need it. I don’t mind altering 1 or 2 exercises, but revising half or more of my workout is annoying

There are several things to think about when choosing a workout time:

1)   When is your gym open? Your gym’s hour of operation will be a huge determinate of when you can work out. If you have to be at work at 8am and your gym doesn’t open til 7:30, a morning work-out isn’t for you.

2)      Are you training for an event? If you are training for an event such as a 5K, marathon or strongman competition, you may want to work out at whatever time your event will take place.

3)      What commitments do you have? Do you have book club on Tuesday Nights? Game night on Wednesdays? Late class on Thursday? You should take into account what commitments you have so you’re not missing your workouts and/or missing your commitments. I like AM workouts because there usually aren’t scheduling conflicts early in the morning.

4)      Night Owl or Early Bird? Your circadian rhythm largely determines whether you keep vampire hours or you’re the crowing rooster at daybreak. Circadian rhythm can influence several physiological functions that are important for athletic performance, including, but not limited to blood pressure, oxygen uptake, and heart rate.

When the sun goes down, I’m a like a cocker spaniel on crack. Even though I am a night person, AM workouts are best for me. Everyone has to choose their best workout time. Maybe your workout schedule will change  day-to-day, but is consistent week-to-week. The important thing is to find what works for you!

When do you like to work out and why?


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